Graham's Tire

Tire Protection Plan

The protection plan is only available to individuals (not businesses or farms) and the service must be performed at a Graham’s Tire Service Ltd location.

Tires in need of replacement will be replaced with the same tire if available, if not a comparable replacement will be sourced. Tread depth difference may not exceed 3/32″ or manufacturers spec, whichever is less. If the tread depth difference is too great, we will replace two to four tires as needed. *Tires removed from service will become the property of Graham’s Tire. Pricing:
  • $40 on a set of tires (max value per tire $349.99)
  • $60 on a set of tires (everything $350ea and up)
  • Dual wheel applications will be charged at 1.5 times ($60 and $90)
  • Not applicable on Runflat tires (DSST, RFT, ROF, SSR, ZP)
Included in Plan (at a Graham’s Tire Service location):
  • Flat repairs
  • Tire rotations (every 10,000km or as per manufacturers recommendations)
  • Installation and balancing of replacement tires.
  • Up to two complimentary balance checks.
  • Road hazard failures in passenger, performance and light truck tires on personal vehicles. “Road hazard failure” which is defined as a tire that becomes unserviceable due to cuts, non-repairable punctures or impact damage.
  • In the case of a failure Graham’s Tire Service Ltd will replace the affected tire/tires including installation and balancing at no charge (aside from the enviro fee).
*This program extends only to the individual who purchased the plan, and the motor vehicle identified on the original invoice. It applies only during the warranty period (6 years or 2/32″ remaining tread depth) Not Included in Plan:
  • A tire that is damaged/failed due to an accident, commercial use, racing, off-road use, snow chains or studs, rapid or irregular wear.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or consequential damage.
  • A tire with sidewall damage from being driven on flat or severly underinflated
  •  Any damage due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper application, improper towing, balance or alignment issues, improper inflation, brake lock up, wheel spinning, runflat damage, vandalism or lack of proper maintenance
  • Any damage caused by any mechanical failure including but not limited to failed shocks, struts, alignment, or balancing, or contact with vehicle components including, but not limited to fenders, exhaust system, or springs.
  • Tires replaced under this tire protection plan. The protection plan is only applicable to the original set of tires and the vehicle that it was purchased for and not tires that have already been replaced under road hazard.
  • Tires that have been changed to a different vehicle than that mentioned on the invoice that the tire protection plan was purchased on.
  • Enviro fees on replacement tires.
  • Consistent bead leaks due to chrome rims peeling or rims that need to be replaced.
  • Seasonal tire change overs (ie: rotating on winter/summer tires and wheels)
  • Replacing or modifying any original tire manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship